Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ideal Morphogenesis

These are a vibrant series of collaborations with two gifted London improvisers. My first tape with Adam was Ideal Morphogenesis, recorded in 1986. I combined acoustic sound sources in my basement with Adam's delightful cut-ups and sound experiments.

There Are No Ridges In London

OK, 2, 3 Peaceful and There Are No Ridges In London are my works combining the remarkably compatible and similar recordings of Adam, Crow and Agog. I've found that sounds from these artists were meant to be together and indeed it is sometimes difficult to tell that they were not originally recorded at the same sessions.

OK, 2, 3, Peaceful

OK, 2, 3, Peaceful is my pause piece juxtaposing Agog [ca]and Adam, plus featuring the Adam Bohman cut-up of Agog from A Salt~Battery. This tape is a musique concrete recording with tiny sound nuggets jumping around like popping corn.

Crow Bright

The Crow series features his imaginative distorted and destroyed sound mutations. His works have a gritty essence which surface amongst a variety of other sounds and discord. Crow White, made in 1987, is the first of the series and has 7 pieces including the four-part "Organic Gardening and Assorted Mexican Cavalry on the Back of My Head". Crow Light and Crow Bright are Crow versus -1348- [dc] in a cruel conflict of dangerous sound permutations.

Crow White

Chain Crow

Featuring Big City Orchestra [ca].

Crow Light

With -1348- [dc]

Byoto Crow Mkstman

Byoto Crow Mkstman is a grueling and abusive combination of Crow, Shoni Byoto [jp], Mike Stevens [ia] and myself. It's nasty and unnerving, yet you'll scream for more.

A Salt ~ Battery

A Salt ~ Battery is a compilation of excerpts from various live performances recorded in Louisville in June, 1991. Adam Bohman and Mike Honeycutt visited me and there are also various people from Louisville performing on these tracks. There are also two pause pieces completed by Adam and myself (one using Agog sound sources, and the other using mine). These recordings are all improvised with no overdubs and are largely acoustic improvisations. No description could fully detail the diversity and peculiarity of these sessions. The first few copies are packaged in super heavy-duty unique assemblages.